How long are drugs detectable in a drug test?

We get this question a lot. From parents, donors, employers and even from panicked potential employees on our after hours line. The answer? “It depends.” It depends on the drug, the testing method, the user’s body and frequency of use. It also depends on something called a “cut-off level.” Urine drug testing is the “gold [...]

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Do You Really Need a Medical Review Officer (MRO)?

Yes. A BIG FAT yes. Some companies mistakenly think that getting drug test results directly from a lab or from an in-house-administered instant test is good enough. And after reading this, they may still consider it worth the risk. But make no mistake. There are risks. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring a fair, reliable [...]

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The Pros & Cons of Marijuana Testing

                When Gallup began tracking the average American’s opinion on legalized marijuana almost 50 years ago most people would never have guessed that by 2016 it would have reached a support level of 60%! For the first time in US history, individual states have begun to receive [...]

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What if that new hire failed a drug or alcohol test at the last job?

If it’s a truck driver, it’s your responsibility to find out. Many employers make an offer of employment contingent upon the results of a criminal background check and drug test. If the candidates pass, they’re hired. Employers regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, however, have another important requirement. First, you must ask the new [...]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Hormone Test You Need Is Not What You Think

Estrogen is to women like dark chocolate and romantic comedies. And testosterone is practically synonymous with muscle, energy and ... sex. But women and men need both hormones to maintain good health, vitality and balance. Women need testosterone to regulate muscle loss, increase energy and strength, and to maintain sex drive. Men need estrogen for [...]

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What is the acceptable level of substance abusers in your workplace?

Is 10 percent acceptable? Five percent? Shouldn’t it be zero? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducts a survey every year. 10.2% of all Americans are substance abusers. One in ten.  In companies that drug test, the positive rate is between 4 and 5% in the aggregate. Remember, that’s in companies that [...]

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Policies can counter safety hazards from prescription misuse

A survey done by National Safety Council found that 70% of workplaces have been impacted by employee misuse of prescription drugs. Link to the survey here. Quote: Tim Thoelecke Jr., president of Morton Grove, Illinois-based InOut Labs, which provides employee drug testing services nationwide, said the cost to test for such drugs isn’t prohibitive. He believes companies likely [...]

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Don’t sleep well? GERD or IBS? Dragging in the afternoon? Trouble losing weight?

Could be a food sensitivity. Many conventional physicians may not recognize “leaky gut syndrome,” but growing evidence suggests a link between “leaky gut” and numerous conditions from chronic fatigue syndrome to multiple sclerosis (MS). What is "leaky" gut? Researchers believe that damage to the intestinal lining causes a "leaky" gut. Increased intestinal permeability allows some [...]

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