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Specialty Labs

At InOut Labs, you can order pretty much any conventional health test.

In addition, you can order from a number of specialty labs which offer tests not commonly available elsewhere. Whether your interest is hormones, gut health, allergies or food sensitivities, there is a good chance you can get it from us. Some you can even do at home!

Follow the links below to learn about the following labs and tests.


Food sensitivity tests

Immuno Labs

Food sensitivity tests

BioHealth Lab

Gut health tests favored by functional health and digestive health professionals

Spectrum Labs

Food sensitivity and allergy tests

Genova Diagnostics

Many tests favored by functional health doctors

Spectracell Laboratories

Many great tests. Well-known for their micronutrient panel


Saliva and urine tests for hormones and neurotransmitters you can do at home!

Diagnostic Solutions

Highly regarded stool tests for gut health, parasites and more.

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