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About Immuno Labs

Immuno Laboratories in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is widely recognized as one of the leading food and environmental allergy testing facilities in the world. Since its inception, the company has conducted over 33 million food sensitivity tests with 97% of its physicians testing for ten years or more — a clear indication of physician and patient satisfaction.The Immuno Bloodprint® has been helping people “Eat Well, Feel Well and Live Well” for years and offers a strong satisfaction guarantee. This simple, affordable blood test can help identify food intolerances or hidden food allergies that may be the cause of chronic conditions such as arthritis, attention deficit (and hyperactivity) disorders, autism, chronic fatigue, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, otitis media and more.

If you have your blood drawn in our Morton Grove clinic, there is no draw fee. If you order online, you will be sent a KIT and will need to have your blood drawn locally. We can help you find a phlebotomist. Draw fees vary, but can be between $25 and $50.

Food Sensitivity Symptom Checklist (ImmunoLabs) -pdf
Physician Test Guide (ImmunoLabs) -pdf

Following is a list of some of Immuno’s most popular tests.

No doctor’s order is necessary.