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Frequently Asked Questions – Lab Testing at InOut Labs

Yes. There are no draw fees and the fee listed is your total cost. Any exceptions are noted with that specific test.

Yes. Negotiated discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

A lab test may help to identify a potential health problem or help you monitor a known problem. Some clients use testing more for optimizing health. Many doctors won’t order these “health optimization” tests for you.

No. You may use us to order a lab test without consulting your doctor. Our doctor will order the test for you. We do, however, recommend that you share the lab results with your healthcare professional.

We do not file insurance claims. Some insurance plans have a “wellness” or prevention benefit and you should contact your carrier for that information. Payment for tests is, however, eligible for your Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Flexible Savings Account (FSA).

Adults, Teens, Children. Those who are uninsured. Anyone who needs frequent testing for the same condition. Companies who wish to screen their employees for illegal substances or set up wellness programs. People who like to keep their test results confidential. People who want tests their doctor won’t order for them.

No. An appointment is not required, though they are encouraged.

Please contact us to find out about fasting requirements. Some tests do require fasting.

We will mail, fax, or email most results within 24-72 hours after your blood is drawn for serum tests. If you would like to pick up your test results in person we will call when they are ready. Some tests take a week or more, so please ask if you’re not sure.

Yes. We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are the only one who receives the results unless you specifically direct us otherwise, or unless required by law.

Test results generally have a reference range of what is considered “normal,” alongside your results. You should consult with your personal physician regarding interpretation of your test results. If you do not have one we our physician can make suggestions as to who you should see.

We use only leading national CLIA approved laboratories.

We deal directly with you and provide the results to you and/or whomever you choose.

Abnormalities do not necessarily mean you have an illness or disease. We strongly recommend you discuss the results with your medical professional.

Questions regarding abnormal results should be discussed with your medial professional.