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Auto Dealership Drug Testing

One bad employee can destroy an auto dealer’s reputation.

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Damage a customer’s car and lose that customer. Botch a brake job and someone dies.


You have a lot at stake.

When you drug test with InOut Labs you can expect:

  • Outstanding Personal Service – Talk to an actual human being who knows you and your company.

  • Fast Results – Sent directly to your inbox the moment they are released. Automatically.

  • Medical Review of All Drug Test Results – Our MD reviews all test results which reduces your liability. This is important.

  • Your Network Includes 18,000 Testing Centers Nationwide – Find yours here.

Drug Testing:

Reduces Turnover | Improves Profits | Reduces Accidents | Improves Productivity

How do you explain to a customer that your employee damaged their car?

Do your customers really want to buy a car that has already been painted because of a parking lot fender bender?

Do your customers want to climb in a vehicle with an employee who uses drugs?

Are you tired of inventory disappearing from your warehouse?

Drug use is expensive. Drug users steal from family, friends and employers. 40 percent of workplace theft is linked to substance abusers.

Auto dealerships have unique risks

  • Accidents Happen. Technicians and Porters consistently have access to your customer’s vehicles.  Damaging a guest’s vehicle can potentially end a longstanding relationship. Of course new vehicles get damaged too.

  • Reputations Are Fragile. Employees have direct contact with potential customers. How they appear and behave is a direct reflection on the organization.

  • Someone Could Die. Mechanics are responsible for customers’ safety – AFTER they leave the premises. A mistake on a brake job could kill someone.

Auto dealerships have unique challenges

Bad Hires Cost Money – A Lot of Money

Substance abusers change jobs a lot. 

Employers that drug test have less turnover and hire fewer problem employees.

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Morale and productivity suffer from bad hires


Degraded Staff Morale


Drop In Productivity


Monetary Costs

Don’t you have better things to do with your time? 


of their total time spent by supervisors to manage poor performers


of hiring managers report that bad hires don’t get along with co-workers.


of hiring managers estimate the cost of a bad hire to be THOUSANDS of dollars


weeks: Time it takes to fill a staff-level position. And 7.5 weeks to fill a management position.</h3

Source: Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)