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Welcome to InOut Labs | Confidential & Fast Lab Testing Services

For Businesses

When you drug test with InOut Labs you can expect:

  • Outstanding Personal Service – Talk to an actual human being who knows you and your company.
  • Fast Results – Sent directly to your inbox the moment they are released. Automatically.
  • Medical Review of All Drug Test Results – Our MD reviews all test results which reduces your liabilityThis is important.
  • Your Network Includes 18,000 Testing Centers Nationwide – Find yours here.
  • A knowledgable drug testing partner for both DOT and non-DOT employees.

Give us a call or email us to learn more.

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For Individuals

Want confidential health testing?

Do you have a high deductible?

Looking for a test your doctor won’t order for you?

At InOut Labs, you can order any lab test yourself!  No doctor’s order necessary.

1000+ lab tests available, including thyroid, hormone, diabetes, heart disease risk, allergies, lyme and intestinal parasite tests.  Also: B12 and lipotropic injections. And DNA Paternity Testing.

Give us a call or email us to learn more.

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Drug, Alcohol, STD, DNA and DOT Testing Services

InOut Labs serves individuals and businesses with a host of lab testing services. We specialize in DNADrug & Alcohol TestingSTD/HIV Testing,  DOT Testing and Consortium ManagementCriminal Background Checks and Corporate Wellness Programs. Our friendly & professional staff are trained to collect samples using hair, urine, blood and oral/saliva.

Whether it’s for a drug or alcohol test or a blood draw, visitors to our clinic don’t wait very long. Our business clients appreciate that we offer assistance in setting up a drug-free workplace for both DOT and Non-DOT businesses. Our drug testing services include Pre-Employment Drug Testing, Reasonable Suspicion Drug testing, Random Drug Testing and Post-Accident Drug/alcohol Testing. Make an Appointment and speak with an expert about your lab testing needs.

Based in Chicago, InOut Labs is a nationwide provider of employee drug testing programs.

Business Services

We help small and medium size businesses in numerous ways. Check our detailed business services page by clicking on the button below.

Business Services

Drug/Alcohol Testing

Get your employees tested for the most common drugs. We will make the whole process hassle-free and save your time. We can even come to your location with our mobile services.

Corporate Wellness

Detect health risks and promote a healthy and productive workforce

Background Checks

Pre-employment Criminal Checks & Tenant Screening

Individual Services

We offer more than 1000 tests ranging from Allergy testing to DNA and STDs. Check out our detailed individual services page by clicking on the button below.

Individual Services

Lab Testing

Hormones, Thyroid, STDs, Food Allergies, Heart Disease and Diabetes Screening, Wellness

DNA Testing

Paternity, Pre-Natal, Ancestry, Immigration

Personal Health

Lipotropic Injections, Vitamin B-12 Injections

Don’t take our word, read our customer reviews!

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2 weeks ago
I stopped in InOut Labs to get a Lipo shot prior to attending a conference that goes non-stop. First of all, they really got me in and out quickly – I don’t think I was there more than 5 minutes.

4 months ago
I have been going to InOut Labs for 3 years now-every 6 months. This is so painless, i actually enjoy going! There is a difference between staff who know what they are doing and staff who don’t-the pain level.

4 months ago
 I have been getting weekly Vitamin B12 shots from InOut Labs for 6 months. I have more energy, sleep better and have even lost a few pounds! They are quick and there is no hassle. Thanks!
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